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ARBER is the official business dress of Ukrainian football!

ARBER and the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) have entered into a cooperation agreement, under which ARBER creates an official collection of business clothes for the Ukrainian National Football Team and the official delegation of the UAF.

The agreement defines an expanded format of cooperation, which, in addition to the specified, provides for the creation and active distribution of a unique joint capsule collection of ARBER-UAFootball casual clothes for millions of football fans and fans of quality ARBER clothing.

This project is an organic continuation of a long-term effective cooperation, within the framework of which ARBER dressed the legendary national teams of Ukraine for the successful 2006 World Cup in Germany and at home Euro 2012 and Euro 2016.

Supporting national producers is a socially responsible step of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF) and is in line with the strategy of the leading European football associations (Italy, Germany, England, Portugal, etc.), by choosing partners to create official suits for national teams.

Influential persons of Ukrainian football (UAF President Pavlo A.V., Head coach of the national team Shevchenko A.M.), the leadership of the ARBER brand and the best Italian manufacturers of quality materials were involved in the creation of official costumes for the national team and the UAF.

The national football team of Ukraine and the ARBER brand are united by style - recognizable and respected by millions of supporters, ambitions based on the pursuit of excellence, adherence to traditions and the presence of a unique style, which contributes to the achievement of new heights in the respective fields of activity.

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