In Kiev, on the “Square of Stars”, the stars will be opened by Oleg Blokhin, Elena Podgrushnaya, and a memory star to Valery Lobanovsky.

In the center of the capital on the "Square of Stars" continue opening the stars of famous Ukrainians.

On May 11, at the “Square of Stars”, which is a symbol of recognition, support and popularization of national culture, art and sports, three special stars will appear. The first one “burns out” in honor of Oleg Blokhin, a Ukrainian football player and football coach, winner of the Golden Ball. The second - in honor of the Ukrainian biathlon, Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion - Elena Podrushnaya. And a memory star to the outstanding long-term mentor of Dynamo (Kiev), at the head of which he twice won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup - Valery Lobanovsky.

Oleg Blokhin - Ukrainian football player and football coach, winner of the "Golden Ball". The most successful scorer of the Soviet football - 319 goals in the Grigory Fedotov club. Famous forward of Dynamo Kyiv, Oleg Blokhin, is a living legend of Soviet sports. Ukrainian footballer set many records - in the number of goals scored, the number of matches and sports awards. As a coach of the national team of Ukraine, he led the team to the top eight world football leaders. In honor of the people’s beloved scorer, the song “Vivat, the King!” Was written, performed before the farewell match of Blokhin.

Elena Podgrushnaya - Ukrainian biathlete, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, Olympic champion, world champion, 5-time European champion, winner and medalist of the Biathlon World Cup stages.

The honorary memory star on this day’s Square of Stars will also be opened in honor of Valery Lobanovsky. Long-term tutor Dynamo (Kiev), who led twice won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. The second most titled coach in the history of world football. Hero of Ukraine. One of the best coaches in the history of football, included in the list of the 50 best coaches for the last 50 years (1959-2009) according to the version of World Soccer, as well as in the list of the best coaches of the post-war period according to The Times. Took 7th place in the list of the best coaches in the history of football according to World Soccer and 8th according to ESPN FC.

“Star Square” was opened on November 14, 2015 at the intersection of Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, Esplanadnaya Street and Sportivnaya Street, at the entrance to the Gulliver shopping center. This is an all-Ukrainian social project whose goal is to support and popularize national culture, art and sports. In the center of the city, the stars of outstanding Ukrainian people are lit, people who have achieved the best results in their work in three categories: THEATER / CINEMA, MUSIC, SPORTS.

Memorable signs are located along L.Ukrainki street, Esplanadna and Sportivnaya Square. They are made of brass with a size of 30 by 60 cm, they have an index of the laureate's contribution (cinema, music, sport) and a QR code that leads to the project page and tells about the achievements of the laureate. Now Kiev residents and guests of the city can come, see and take pictures with nominal "stars" of people who are considered famous in Ukraine, namely: Vladimir Goryansky, Ada Rogovtseva, SKY and TNMK, Nina Matvienko, memory star Bogdan Stupka and Maria Primachenko, Viktor Postol, Olga GRITSENKO, Alexander Abramenko, Olga Harlan, Darya Bilodid, Olya Polyakova and others.

“Star Square” is intended to become pride and a reminder for every Ukrainian about the great achievements of our compatriots, to stimulate the development of the city and the nation as a whole, to become a cultural heritage for future generations. Become a public landmark.

Stars on “Star Square” appear on the basis of several selection stages: recommendations of the expert commission, namely, representatives of the Gulliver shopping mall, the public (CSO joint victory), the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Information Policy, media market experts (MusicBOX TV channel) ). And also: an orientation towards candidates' awards and recognition in the professional sphere, the presence of these figures in the media space and popularity ratings, an analysis of the reactions and opinions of people in social networks, surveys among the public and visitors to the mall. Based on the results, the commission draws up the final list.

In Kiev, on the “Square of Stars”, the stars will be opened by Oleg Blokhin, Elena Podgrushnaya, and a memory star to Valery Lobanovsky. image-0