Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition "Women in Retail" opens in Gulliver shopping center

On November 22, a photo exhibition "Women in Retail" opens on the 2nd floor of the Gulliver shopping mall. The purpose of the project is to illustrate the role of women in business development and retail development in Ukraine, as well as inspire Ukrainian women to look for ways to implement the most ambitious ideas.

15 women, whose business is changing the country for the better.

The exhibition consists of 15 bright portraits of female founding members of business and women who influence the development of retail in Ukraine. Supplements the overall picture of the canvas with a description of the project and information about the Retail & Development Business Summit, whose speakers this year are participants in the photo project.

The main heroines of shooting were:

  • Ksenia Pavlova (co-owner of O bag in Ukraine);
  • Oksana Serdyuk (co-owner of MAFIA restaurant holding, CASTA, BAO, NAM, Georgia, Brilliant Bar, Yakitoria)
  • Tetyana Semenchenko (co-owner of the Ukrainian clothing studio network VOVK);
  • Polina Kosharna (founder and co-owner of MasterZOO);
  • Anna Lukovkina (author and founder of All His Own project);
  • Natalia Logvin (PR-director (modnaKasta));
  • Tatiana Burda (founder and co-owner of the Invogue Fashion Group (IFG));
  • Natalia Netovkina (founder of the ZARINA Jewelry House)
  • Olga Tadao (representative of one of the family of co-founders AGROMAT);
  • Anna Kovalenko (co-founder and co-owner of the first Ukrainian mass market of women's clothing MustHave);
  • Anastasia Dzyuba (co-founder and co-owner of the first Ukrainian mass market of women's clothing MustHave);
  • Iryna Bukur (author, founder and owner of Irene Bukur);
  • Olena Semenova (co-founder and head of the Ukrainian brand of clothing Week)
  • Natalia Movchun (co-founder of RM "GIULIA", Textile Retail LLC);
  • Inesa Bachurina (co-founder of

Beautiful women today are successfully developing their own projects, making a decent competition for men. "10 years ago, even at conferences associated with retail men, there were in the majority," says one of the participants in the photo exhibition Polina Kosharna, founder and co-owner of MasterZOO. "Today, no one is surprised by a woman-director of a construction company or any other large enterprise."

The stylistics of all the photos is constructed in such a way that the viewer can catch the mood of the working process of a woman in a familiar environment for her. Each photo is accompanied by a quote and a brief description of the direction of the heroine. The participants of the photo project not only successfully conduct their business, but also skillfully combine their activities with the family. Confirmation to Oksana Serdiyuk, co-owner of the MAFIA restaurant holding, CASTA, BAO, NĂM, Georgia, Brilliant Bar, Yakitoriya, who is confident that a modern woman is literally in power: "All the complexities and obstacles are only in our head. A woman can perfectly combine the role of a business women, a business partner, mom, daughter, wife. The main thing is to remember your goal and correctly allocate resources and time. I was fortunate enough to combine all these roles in myself. Soft in shape, but rigid in content - just about me. I think that for women today nothing is impossible. "

The fact that all the obstacles only in the head says and Polina Kosharnaya: "I definitely believe that the main thing - the desire. In any case, at any position. An important factor in creating a successful business is the speed of decision-making. Yes, it is necessary to consider and analyze, but if the intuition tells, and the numbers do not contradict - you can not delay. It is also important to be able to recognize the errors and quickly correct them. "

Oksana Serdiyuk shared his secrets of successful business and said: "First, it is very important to understand what you want. Specify and describe the purpose of the details. You need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do in a year, who you want to be in after 5 years, and where your company should be through 10. Most importantly, your business should benefit society, make people's lives happier and more comfortable. The second is to choose the right partner, to gather a team of like-minded people. In a team you have to enrich and complement each other throughout the project. And the third one - to indicate the path on which you will go, to predict the risks and not get anywhere from him. "

Tetyana Semenchenko, a co-owner of the Ukrainian VOVK clothing studio network, knows about the choice of a partner not only for business, but also for life. Getting acquainted with the future husband, who is now the co-owner of the company, has become a turning point in the history of the brand. This is exactly what he supported the woman in wanting to open the first studio. The main rule for Tatiana and her husband - do not stop at the achievement. There is always something to strive for, where to move and how to grow! Ahead of new discoveries and access to the international market. Let everyone know that "made in Ukraine" is qualitatively, beautifully and easily accessible.

The organizer of the photo exhibition was the Association of Retailers of Ukraine, which, in the framework of this project, presented the Speakers of the Retail & Development Business Summit "Women in Retail. Success stories. Inspiration. Motivation. " The event will be held December 6 at the Park Center Park.

You can visit the photo exhibit free of charge from 22 November to 6 December on the 2nd floor of the Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center. Free.

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