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Isei: the best sale of May

The best days for shopping in May in Isei!

In all ISEI stores, from May 15, 2019 through May 22, 2019, the discounts will be valid!

The first, most expensive item on the check will have a 10% discount, a second, less cheap item, there will be a 20% discount and a third, cheapest item, a 30% discount.

Discounts apply to the entire range of products, except for Moony diapers, Mеrries panty and NEPIA wipes! If there are more than three items on the check, the discount is calculated automatically depending on the retail price of the item, in descending order. Discounts are not cumulative. Details of the action and a detailed list of products check with the sales assistants of the ISEI store or visit company website.

Isei - 79 stores - Official brands - High quality. Favorite brands: Missha, LG, A’pieu, Beyond, Lion. Favorite products: masks, face and body care, hygiene, household chemicals.

Isei - your beauty requests are real!

-45% on your favorite jewelry -45% on your favorite jewelry DISCOUNTS up to -40% in ARBER! DISCOUNTS up to -40% in ARBER! Perfect time for denim Perfect time for denim More