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At the "Square of Stars" in Kiev, a star was opened for the People's Artist of Ukraine - Natalia Mogilevskaya.

On September 16, a star appeared in honor of - Ukrainian singer, TV presenter, producer and People's Artist of Ukraine - Natalia Mogilevskaya on the "Square of Stars", which is a symbol of recognition, support and popularization of national culture, art and sports.

Natalia Mogilevskaya is a legend of the Ukrainian scene, she is called the same age as independent Ukraine. Her formation, as a People's Artist, grew stronger together with our country and she, undoubtedly, was and remains the support of everyone who grew up on his songs, who loved under her "lalala", who met every spring with her "I am Spring", who sang her lullaby "Month" to her young children for the past twenty years. Natalia presented fans with many brilliant hits, filled with sincerity and warmth, drive and fun, and most importantly - with the love of the great artist of our time. He and Kuzma made the TV project "Chance" and modern Ukrainian youth grew up on this project. And how many stars were born at the "Star Factory". She became the best dancer in the country and the Legend of the show "Dancing with the Stars". Winner of the titles "Best Singer", "Song of the Year", "Producer of the Year". She is called the mother of Ukrainian show business, since she has opened many young artists in the country who are now gathering stadiums and full halls: Max Barskikh, Monatik, Tarabarova, Regina Todorenko, Quest Pistols, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Vlad Darwin and others. Today she is the founder of the Talant School, a children's talent school, which educates future show business stars.

At the opening of the named star, the singer noted that she is immensely grateful to all viewers, listeners, Ukrainians who made her life brighter, filled her life with meaning. “The Stars Square project has a big goal. It was created so that we all felt inspired by the destinies of the people we like, the achievements of the athletes we admire. All these stars that are carved here in the square are doing their best to become a star. They inspire you to great victories! Therefore, now I dream, standing here and opening my star, in exactly 10, 20 or 30 years I will stand next to my talented students and open the stars to them. Dream and achieve your desires! "

On September 16, the 78th star was laid on the "Square of Stars" and this is the 20th star on the "Music" part.

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