In Kiev, the new Claudie Pierlot store opens its doors in Ukraine - news from SEC Gulliver

In Kiev, the new Claudie Pierlot store opens its doors in Ukraine

Claudie Pierlot joins Sandro and Maje, becoming the third SMCP brand in Ukraine

The atmosphere of Paris in the heart of Kiev. The famous French brand Claudie Pierlot is ready to open a new store in the Gulliver mall on February 18.

Stylish, fashionable, romantic, feminine, free-spirited. The girl Claudie Pierlot fills her timeless wardrobe with momentary fashionable desires. She travels a lot and impressions make her style individual.

Claudie Pierlot has created the eponymous brand dedicated to the "women of Paris". This stylish Parisian has created the perfect wardrobe — elegant and at the same time simple.

Today Claudie Pierlot represents the spirit of a Parisian woman: a young woman who is open to the world, she loves to travel and values ​​her freedom. Her natural autonomy is confusing.

This season, Claudie Pierlot combines originality with modernity; Summer is the time to look around, gather strength and move forward.

We take root on earth, but move forward and transform the world.

Natural materials, light details and sporty accents — all these elements create a unique modern style of collections.

Luxury shops, both stylish and elegant, resemble Parisian suites. The wooden floor, stucco in the Ottoman style, brass furniture and luxurious chandelier in the Art Nouveau style — all this creates the foundation and complements the wonderful collections.

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