New Year's underwear sets from Chantal Thomass, Passionata, Aubade, Chantelle and marlies | dekkers.

New Year's Eve can become not only festive, but also the most memorable - correctly chosen linen will help to create a special atmosphere. We offer to celebrate the New Year in sets that are symbolic for the 2020th, light colors or take a chance and dress up in the most rich colors.

In the pastel palette of Chantal Thomass there are several sets at once that perfectly fit into the festive look. The spicy Farandole is suitable for those who choose flying skirts and flared dresses - this set skillfully plays in contrasts: innocence and coquetry are always paired.

Milk Encens` moi Dentelle is an ideal option for a party with girlfriends: the kit will give ease and confidence, emphasizing the beauty of the figure. And Noeuds et Merveilles, whose “heart” is decorated with an optimistic bow, will remain invisible under clothes and create a playful mood.

If the plans are for a romantic New Year's Eve, Encens` moi in fatal red will give her a special passion. It seems that not a single dress can overshadow his ardent energy.

Blood with milk - that's what I would like to call a couple of Passionata sets that are most different in mood: Georgia, white as snow, perfect for total white onions for corporate parties, or sophisticated red Camden - it's up to you.

When it comes to underwear that literally fuses with the skin, it's probably about Aubade collections. The luxurious Nudessence and Poesie d'Orient will demonstrate the beauty of the body, becoming almost a part of it: the linen will not attract all attention, but rather focus it on the smooth curves of the figure. Line Soleil Nocturne - cocktail cherry in a glass of New Year's Eve. Such a set is guaranteed to make the evening unforgettable: intricate lace patterns give the posture greatness, and the look - relaxed confidence. What you need if you plan to hit someone.

The mission of Chantelle sets in the New Year is to give comfort and remain invisible under clothes. The lines Irresistible, Molitor and Orangerie due to the universal color fit into any image, and also add volume and roundness in strategically important places. If you can’t give up red, but you don’t want something fanciful, the Pyramide set will create the perfect balance of comfort and seductiveness.

Luxurious Gloria and delectable Dame de Paris by marlies | dekkers will not let you get bored at the holiday party. The first will give confidence and reliable support, even if the plans are for an energetic twister game, and the second is perfect if you need to shine in a slim-fit dress with a silhouette.

Until the clock strikes 12, there is still time to come up with a luxurious image for the holiday. New Year's prank will definitely succeed if you look at the Chantal store in time;)

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