Petit Bateau is a favorite French brand known for quality cotton, worn by kids and children since 1893. - news from SEC Gulliver

Petit Bateau is a favorite French brand known for quality cotton, worn by kids and children since 1893.

The legendary brand is the inventor of panties and an icon of time-consuming style for children and adults. The unrivaled softness of the materials and impeccable cutouts give the owners attractiveness and comfort. Petit Bateau's style rises above the turbulence of the seasons.

The French brand is concerned with the environment and respect for people, and employs 3,000 employees worldwide. In search of new ways to protect people and the planet, the brand offers clothing made of organic cotton, linen and recycled materials.

The spring-summer season is associated with renewal, the blossoming of nature, the bright colors and the blazing sun. Petit Bateau's new Spring-Summer 2020 collection looks and looks great. Clothing of quality materials is what children, especially babies, need. The fragile skin of the baby will breathe and promote proper thermoregulation.

Petit Bateau cares about the ecology and delicate skin of babies, as the materials are Oeko-Tex * certified, which gives confidence in the safety and quality of the garment. Petit Bateau offers infants with white organic cotton.

The new season is marked by bright and dynamic colors. Now the lemon-yellow color is used in the brand logo. A delicate purple color with different shades, like sweet hydrangea petals, adorns the garment. The lime color of the song sings an ode to nature, and fuchsia gives the summer collection a special charm. White plays a key role this season.

Petit Bateau is celebrating the foundation of the traditional strip this season. Colors and bright accents in the spirit of the 60's still do not go out of style, and now the brand continues to please children and the elderly. Exclusive prints during the season are a tour guide to a 60-day trip around the world.

Floral prints: Fields in blooming, soft and sophisticated roses are spread in the picturesque region of France, such as La Gacilly, the home of the Groupe Rocher Group of Petit Bateau, which is where the designers of the brand have been inspired.

Hibiscus prints are thanks to traditional African wax imaging technology. Patterns such as friendly sharks, jungles, animals on clothes send us to the tropics ... no need to fly now, traveling the world with Petit Bateau! These prints adorn underwear and pajamas. Costumes complete with capes and masks transport us to the land of dreams. There is no limit to creativity, so the Petit Bateau spring-summer collection is full of new products.

Innovative development from Petit Bateau - Pyjpocket® - transformer pajamas. It consists of a T-shirt and shorts that fit in your pocket. This is a godsend for those who properly space and care for the closet space. Well, now things can be done quickly and conveniently.

50% of bathing suits are made of recycled materials that guarantee protection against ultraviolet radiation (SPF50 +).

Petit Bateau is celebrating its 50th anniversary since its launch into strip production. Well-known French brand Petit Bateau has been supplying the most fashionable and high-quality branded fashion products for over a century. The manufacturer constantly cares for its customers around the world, offering them innovative designs that make it easier for them to care for children and add a special charm to the usual clothes. The strip is present in almost every product - panties, T-shirts, dresses, raincoats. This is something that does not go out of style, but with a new design always looks relevant and trendy.

Now you can not worry about the weather, thanks to the waterproof and UV-resistant Petit Bateau jacket. The Spring-Summer 2020 collection includes exclusive items, clothing and underwear based on natural cotton in a variety of sunny colors and with cute prints.

Quality for Petit Bateau above all!

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