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Collection of underwear Chantal Thomas spring-summer 2019

The Chantal Thomass spring-summer 2019 collection can be safely called a reflection of the French gardens, where real life takes place among a riot of colors. No bills and constraints, the game of feelings on the verge! The new collection is a real provocation and appeal for unrestrained, sparkling, spontaneous fun.

Audacieuse line - an explosive cocktail of straight lines, contrasting textures and a bold combination of details. Like ice and flame, burning and in a moment giving away the desired coolness. A bold decision for those who are used to surprise.

The eternal question of choice is raised in sets of Encens` moi and Encens` moi Dentelle. Their lace is more delicate than the most exquisite flower of sakura, and the graceful interlacing of lines seems to have been peeped from nature itself.

An elegant dress code, hors d'oeuvres, a garden tent and a violin are all in tune with the line of Noeuds et Merveilles Amour. Muted tones, a stylish bow in the center of the sconce, detachable satin straps, decorated with small ribbons - all this makes the set a sophisticated and mysterious female weapon.

More restrained at first glance, the Singuliere line has a strict collar on the top of the sconce and body. Suprenante, on the other hand, is the personification of a spontaneous and casual pool party: floral prints and striped elastic on the wall lamp, which perfectly supports the chest, and the same design belt on the panties are riveting everyone's attention.

You can spice up a fancy-dress garden party with a pinch of intrigue called Troublante. The line is decorated with a braid that adorns the neckline and adds spice to the panties.

The Chantal Thomass SS19 collection is a real flower in the garden of joy, seduction, comfort and celebration for no reason.

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