SPORT COLLECTION. FALL/WINTER 2016-17 - news from SEC Gulliver


LACOSTE’S HISTORY HAS ALWAYS BEEN LINKED TO THAT OF TENNIS. THIS SEASON, THE BRAND IS RELEASING A COLLECTION DESIGNED AND CREATED TO ALLOW FREE MOVEMENT AND FACILITATE PERFORMANCE. GRAPHIC AND COLOURFUL, IT CAN BE WORN BOTH ON THE COURT AND IN THE STREET WHILE LOOKING STYLISH AT ALL TIMES.SPORT COLLECTION The Tennis Sport collection is a technical line which combines style and performance. It offers a wide range of products for serious players who are attentive to detail and to the choice of materials guaranteeing them optimum comfort during matches. A first theme for men and women perfectly combines colour blocks with a new modern geometrical print inspired by the hexagonal shape of racket handles. Blues and white are the favourite colours in this collection, livened up by touches of bright red or coral. A minimalist style for ultra-trendy outlines. Stand-out garments for men: An ultra dry piqué polo with all-over hexagonal print, a navy blue and red colour block polo in ultra dry piqué to be worn under a stretch taffeta jacket with all-over hexagonal print and with light stretch taffeta shorts. Stand-out garments for women: A new feminine dress shape in ultra dry piqué with all-over hexagonal print and waist tie, a fitted stretch taffeta jacket and an ultra dry piqué polo can be worn over a technical jersey skirt or technical knit shorts. For men, a second option with colourful graphic lines plays on colour blocking and stripes with a new graphic-patterned tape. The primary colours contrast with the black and white. Stand-out garments for men: A black and white graphic polo with tape, a black and white fleece and diamond taffeta hooded sweatshirt, and fleece or diamond taffeta tracksuit options.LIFESTYLE COLLECTION This collection reflects a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. A wardrobe ideally suited to a variety of urban lifestyles in which mobility is very important and comfort is essential, without however forgetting elegance. Classic colours such as navy blue, white, green and grey are combined with touches of deep purple. The source of inspiration is undoubtedly the 2016 Spring / Summer fashion show from which the refined cuts and strong graphics such as 27 or LACOSTE Sport have been borrowed. Stand-out garments for men: Black sweatshirt and shorts with LACOSTE SPORT marked in white, a lined jacket which mixes materials with jersey and woven fabric, and fleece lining peg pants. Stand-out garments for women: Navy blue double-sided fleece sweatshirt with LACOSTE Sport embossed on the chest, navy blue and purple two-tone stretch jersey leggings, and a technical jersey cropped T-shirt with LACOSTE Sport 27 graphic printPERFORMANCE COLLECTION Exclusively reserved for men, the Tennis Performance line is intended for sportsmen looking for genuinely functional technical clothing. It uses materials chosen for their quality and their technical characteristics such as ultra dry textiles or compression fabrics. The details are designed for comfort: the ergonomic stitching prevents friction, a new ergonomic cut at the back offers ease of movement and the new technical prints on the shoulders prevent bags from sliding off. Black, grey and blue are the dominant colours in this line, lit up by touches of bright blue and red. Stand-out garments: A waterproof hooded jacket decorated with a new all-over reflective contemporary print, a matching technical jersey polo, a compression T-shirt and stretch taffeta shorts which can be worn over leggings, and a brushed stretch jersey zip-up sweatshirt.TRAINING COLLECTION The Training products combine functionality and comfort. This line consists of essentials produced in a wide range of colours with a clever harmony which enables the clothes to match each other. The solid colour or striped polos and T-shirts come in ultra day piqué or super light cotton, the tracksuits in diamond taffeta and the sweatshirts in brushed fleece. Notable items include a new “LACOSTE Sport” marking which livens up a technical jersey T-shirt, a warp-knit fabric jacket and a brushed fleece sweatshirt or tracksuit top.GOLF COLLECTION A perfect round for this collection which mixes technical products and lifestyle products to meet the requirements and specificities of golfing in winter. Sportily elegant outlines which combine fashion and comfort by favouring technical materials and ultra-comfortable cuts. Stretch or technical cotton gabardine, ultra dry materials, Teflon application and water-repellent textiles allow you to brave the winter cold on the greens. The brand’s traditional colours such as navy blue, bordeaux, green, grey and white are combined with royal blue while stripes are mixed with checks. Stand-out garments for men: stretch gabardine Bermuda shorts with two-tone checks, a matching super light stretch polo, technical gabardine chino trousers, a three-colour technical piqué polo and a ripstop padded jacket. Stand-out garments for women: a white technical polo with coloured overlays and piping, a solid colour technical gabardine skirt, a stretch mini piqué polo dress with colour blocks and a ripstop padded jacket. A collection inviting you to go out and conquer the greens immediately…with style!
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