The first exclusive premium pharmacy was opened in the center of the capital - news from SEC Gulliver

The first exclusive premium pharmacy was opened in the center of the capital

In the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center, the Belaya Romashka chain of pharmacies has opened the first premium-class pharmacy. The opening took place on the 0th floor.

The pharmacy offers medicines, as well as a wide range of medical cosmetics of various European brands, vitamins and minerals, baby products (cosmetics, nutrition, care), medical equipment and products for everyday care. On almost 170 square meters, a new design was implemented using premium materials, wood and decor, and new equipment was installed for the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry, which will help to serve customers faster. Also for the good mood of the guests, a photo zone and a special aromatization with the smell of freshness were created.

 “We have created a pharmacy that will change the stereotype to the classic representation of a pharmacy. Equipment, lighting, decorations - everything is ideally matched to create comfort in the room. We ditched pharmacist gowns in favor of stylish white polo shirts and dark trousers. In the pharmacy we have allocated a place called “Hey beauty”, where a cosmetics consultant will answer all questions and in the future will carry out express diagnostics of the skin of the face and hair, ”comments the marketing director of Fozzy-PHARM Irina Kravchenko.

“Knowing the portrait of the Gulliver SEC guest and its flow, we installed special equipment, one of which is the Fablox robot - it will help our pharmacist find the necessary drug as quickly as possible and increase the speed of guest service. This equipment was brought from Europe, ”comments Irina Kravchenko.

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