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Win gifts from Samsung!

This summer, no one will be left without gifts from Samsung!

Come to the GULLIVER, take part in the action "Summer gifts from SAMSUNG" and get incredible prizes!

The conditions are:

  1. Buy any Samsung technique for 3 000 UAN in Eldorado stores or in the Samsung brand zone from 05/05/2018 to 16/09/2018.
  2. Register a check in the brand zone.
  3. Results of the action on September 16.

Get one of the incredible gifts:

  • washer with AddWash function WW80K6210TW / UA;
  • vacuum cleaner POWERstick Pro;
  • vacuum cleaner with Anti-Tangle Turbine;
  • microwave oven  MS23H3115FW / BW;
  • microwave oven  MG23F302TAS/UA.
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