"Super Exchange" in the Arena Store is back!

Yes, friends, this is no joke! The long-awaited and everyone's favorite promotion "Super Exchange" to be! This year, the "Super Exchange" mission in the Arena Store network has become somewhat globalized and therefore has undergone an important change, namely:

Do a good deed to win → get new sneakers with a -50% discount

This means that bringing old shoes to Arena Stores this year is no longer a major requirement. You need to do a good deed of your own choice.


1. in the period from August 5 to 21, 2022. visit one of the Arena Store stores currently operating in Kyiv, Lviv or Dnipro and choose a pair of shoes with a 50% discount

2. immediately at the checkout or later at home, choose a good deed that you want to do in return for the discount you received

3. plan and dream, what peaks you will conquer in new sneakers, purchased through the "Super Exchange" promotion

Today the boundaries of goodness are even wider, and you are great!
Your Arena Store

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