Shop Lucky Look 2 floor LuckyLOOK - the first Ukrainian brand hats and sunglasses that specializes in their professional selection.
Shop Maje 1 floor Maje is a French brand of premium clothing designed for people with imagination and increased style requirements.
Shop Massimo Dutti 1 floor Massimo Dutti is a versatile apparel designed for modern men and women who enjoy the ever-changing city life.
Shop Mimimishka 4 floor Mimimishka - one of the largest stores of children's toys. The wide range of the store located in the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center includes a variety of toys for children of all ages, including teaching, entertaining and aimed at developing fine motor skills. 
Shop MOHITO 2 floor MOHITO offers clothes for confident independent women.
Shop Monica Ricci 2 floor The Monica Ricci store will be interesting for confident women with an active lifestyle.
Shop NAF NAF 2 floor NAF NAF - iconic French brand of women's clothing and accessories
Shop New Balance 3 floor New Balance - the popular American brand of sportswear and footwear
Shop Original Marines 4 floor ORIGINAL MARINES is a store of bright and beautiful children's clothes and shoes with a true Italian charm
Shop OYSHO 2 floor Oysho - the Spanish manufacturer of women's underwear, as well as swimwear, home clothes, knitted things and accessories.
Shop Pandora 1 floor The PANDORA jewelry brand is well-known all over the world through designs manufactures and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices.
Shop PETIT BATEAU 4 floor Petit Bateau presents a wide range of underwear and home clothes for children and adults, as well as children's t-shirts and shirts, dresses and skirts, trousers, sweaters, jackets and much more.
Shop Piquadro 3 floor Boutique PIQUADRO world-famous Italian brand offers exquisite leather galantrae of the highest quality: purse, portfolios, clutches
Shop PLANETTOYS 4 floor Planettoys - a store for children's toys and products for children in Kiev
Shop PRESENTIME 3 floor PRESENTIME - a store of fashionable gifts of a new format
Shop ProMenu 4 floor ProMenu - the shop of kitchen emotions. Collections of the ProMenu store inspire the preparation of culinary masterpieces.
Shop PULL&BEAR 2 floor PULL&BEAR – магазин модной молодежной одежды из Испании
Shop Puma 3 floor PUMA develops innovative products for the best results, for the fastest athletes in history.
Shop Reebok 3 floor Reebok is an international company producing sportswear and accessories
Shop RESERVED 3 floor Reserved - a store of stylish budget quality clothing.