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MOHITO presented Modern Wedding SS / 19

During this season, the MOHITO brand seeks to encourage women to wear Celebration clothing during important moments of their lives. This time, designers of the brand have decided to present stylish and fashionable versions of the images called Modern Wedding.

Amazing dresses, overalls and suits are just a part of what you can find among many models created for the Modern Wedding line. Such a wide assortment of products ensures that every woman finds something extraordinary for herself.

This time MOHITO has focused on stunning Maxi dresses in shades of pink and floral melange. One of the suggested offers is a romantic, pleated dress on one shoulder with a belt, which perfectly emphasizes the elegance of the waist. The summer floral print also appears on the dress, which stands out among other unusual design of the shoulders.

All women who prefer the feeling of comfort should pay special attention to the Modern Wedding line from MOHITO, because this collection provides the opportunity to spend the season in comfortable and bright suits and combines without losing elegance.

Can an image of an elaborate party without decoration be considered complete? Of course not! This season, MOHITO bets on long earrings, hats and canopies, which are perfectly combined with your way. Brand designers also attached great importance to the shoes and bags that will make the final accent.

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