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Limited Collection MOHITO X Barbie

This year, Barbie, one of the greatest icons of pop culture, celebrates its 60th anniversary! The most recognizable and desired doll in the world, under the influence of mass culture, again and again to change its image. Today Barbie is a symbol of diversity and role model.

Designers of the MOHITO brand and Mattel companies decided to combine their efforts and celebrate Barbie's birthday, creating a unique limited collection.

The modern era Barbie is a self-confident, modern girl who is familiar with fashion trends but adheres to her own style. Keeping this fact in mind, the designers of the MOHITO brand have added items to the collection that can be easily combined with each other, as well as with other everyday things. The main focus of the collection was on a series of t-shirts decorated with modern portraits of Barbie. And the highlight was the accessories presented by a cascading necklace in the style of the 60s and large earrings.

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