Collection of underwear Aubade spring-summer 2019

Collection of underwear Aubade spring-summer 2019 "ICE AND FLAME"

Designers of the sensual collection of spring-summer Aubade were inspired by multifaceted, amazing women and the harmony of Yin and Yang hidden in them. The balance can be traced even in smooth lines of linen. All elements emphasize the soft curves of the figure, and bold details add spice and sharpness. As in the female character, there are many contrasts and contradictions in the collection. Seemingly incompatible fabrics and colors create a bright and bold ensemble. It is a balance between masculine and feminine, luxury and refinement, traditions and courage. Lingerie emphasizes the bright individuality of women and hints at the duality of their nature.

The fresh and romantic line Illustre Inconnue demonstrates a bold play of floral print and delicate lace. The Allée des Plaisirs line, already familiar to fans of the brand, this time returns in a new seductive color: a thin, quiet and intimate line ideal for romantic moments. The bright tones of sconce with floral embroidery and lace details evoke seductive desires.

Capsule Boite à Desir is designed for bold, passionate and temperamental women who love to surprise. While Délicate Extase emphasizes sexy female forms, playing on the contrast of transparent tulle and rich floral guipure lace patterns. The Fièvre de Glace collection is a combination of hard jacquard lace, lycra and banding ribbons. Playing on the contrast of floral lace and elastic stripes emphasizes modernity and sexuality. Seductive bows dilute this ensemble. This is a story in which ice meets flames. Truly explosive combination.

In the line of Rive Gauche Passion, seductive sensual forms emphasize the lacing on the straps. The linen is made in a juicy and elegant blue color. The straps resemble the most romantic tower in the world - the Eiffel!

The Lysessence collection is timeless. This is a combination of tenderness, seduction and simplicity. The silk line Soie d'Amour - this season is presented in three colors - rich red, delicate pink and sensual mother of pearl, and complemented by delicate lace. Soleil Nocturne reminds of seduction and invents its own rules of corset art. Delicate lacing and elegant details create luxurious elegance. The line is supplemented with a belt for stockings, a corset and stockings.

Aubade is a french premium brand lingerie brand. The sophisticated style, the famous “Kale” lace of the finest work, exclusive embroidery and unique colors make Aubade underwear sensual and seductive, emphasizing the beauty and sexuality of women. Aubade is the most harmonious combination of luxury and comfort, passion and seduction.

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