"Star Square" in the center of Kiev continues to grow with new stars

In the center of the capital on the "Square of Stars" continue opening the stars of famous Ukrainians

"Star Square" - an interesting and fashionable place in the center of the capital of Ukraine appeared in 2015. Then, on the day of the start of the project at the intersection of Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, Esplanadnaya Street and Sportivnaya Square, 8 named stars were laid. Now, Kiev residents and guests of the capital come and look at 18 stars already and every month they are becoming more and more.

“Star Square” is a real landmark of the city, primarily because of the names immortalized on its plates, because of its location in the center of the capital and, of course, as a symbol of popularization of national culture, Ukrainian art and sports of the country. The first, along the Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, were laid the stars of culture and cinema: Ade Rogovtseva, Vladimir Goryansky and the star of memory to Bogdan Stupka. In November 2015, on the Esplanadna street, stars of Ukrainian musicians were installed, among them: singer Oksana Bilozir, SKY and TNMK and The Maneken. The decoration of the third party "Square of Stars" (Sport Square) became the stars of sport. The star with the name of the famous Ukrainian boxer according to the WBC version, world champion Viktor Postol was the first to shine there.

Over the next three years, the expert commission, which included representatives of the public (GO Spіlna peremoga), the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Information Policy, media market experts (MusicBOX channel), city authorities (KMDA) and representatives of the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center Ukrainians, appreciated the contribution of each candidate and finalizing the list opened the stars. During this period, the names of such legendary for Ukraine people as the star of the memory of Maria Primachenko began to shine on the Square of Stars; in her 70th anniversary Nina Matvienko opened the star. Sport area enriched by such names as Mikhail Zavyalov - meter in the world of boxing, Olga Lyaschuk - the most powerful woman on the planet, Olga Harlan - fencer, Svetlana Trifonova - Paralympic skier Alexander Abramenko - freestyle, ski acrobat, Julia Levchenko - athlete, Larisa Solovyova - record holder World Powerlifting World, Daria Beloded is the youngest judo player.

Since the project has a main mission - the popularization of national culture, Ukrainian art and sports in the country, memorabilia made of brass measuring 30 by 60 cm have a pointer indicating the contribution of the winner (cinema, music, sports) and a QR code that leads to the project page and tells about the achievements of the laureate. Now Kiev residents and guests of the city can come, see and take pictures with 18 nominal brass "stars" of people who are considered famous in Ukraine. And very soon, the Star Square will be replenished with such names as: Olga Polyakova, Ivan Marchuk, Larisa Kadochnikova, Andrey Shevchenko, Elena Pidgrushnaya, a memory star to Valeriy Lobanovsky and others.

“Star Square” is intended to become pride and a reminder for every Ukrainian about the great achievements of our compatriots, to stimulate the development of the city and the nation as a whole, to become a cultural heritage for future generations. Ideally, to become a public landmark, which will become a symbol of our bright and successful future.

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