Spring in Isei: -15% і -20% at Missha і A'pieu - news from SEC Gulliver

Spring in Isei: -15% і -20% at Missha і A'pieu

Spring is a time to refresh your image and pamper you with cosmetic innovations - creams, scum, patches or makeup! Together with Isei, it's easy and profitable! After all, we have discounts on any Korean brands Missha and A’pieu!

In Isei, you will be helped to choose the care products for any skin type, to create a fascinating look, to make thick eyelashes that can emphasize it, to get the perfect foundation, and with the help of tints and lipsticks to get incredibly sensual lips.

From April 5, 2019 to April 17, 201 inclusive, Isei stores and the online store will have a discount of -15% and -20% for decorative items from the trademarks Missha and A'pieu, which are in stock at Isei stores and online store www.isei.ua for the period of the action.

Experiment with Isei!

Be always bright and beautiful!

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