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Discounts up to 50% at BROCARD

Three months ahead of the warmest and sunniest time of the year. Prepare your makeup bag for bright, multi-faceted summer images with BROCARD. More than 2000 items of goods at a discount of up to 50% - cosmetics, perfumes, skin care products!

The promotion “Discount up to 50%” is valid from 01-30.06.2019 in BROCARD perfume and cosmetics stores.

Terms of action:

  • On a certain list of goods, a discount of 30%, 40% or 50% is provided, which is indicated on the price tag.
  • Other promotions and discounts, including discount cards, do not apply to promotional items.
  • When buying using gift cards, a 30%, 40% or 50% discount is valid only if you pay the difference between the sale price of the product without a discount and the sum of the nominal value of the gift card.

An example of calculating the price with a discount of 50% and the ratio of the size of the discount to the previous sales price of goods:

eau de parfum Agent Provocateur (Agent Provacter) Aphrodisiac noun— 40 ml - preliminary price for the sale of goods is 2139.00 UAH.

          AT included, 50% discount is UAH 1069.50. VAT included,

          price with discount 50% - UAH 1069.50. VAT included.

The promotion is valid when there is a promotional item in the store. Details of the action - from the consultants of the stores and on the website of the company.

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