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BROCARD invites to Italy

The place where Botticelli was inspired, Modigliani, Fellini, the birthplace of the Renaissance, who gave the world great creations, a country where it is not shameful to love pizza and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner - Italy. Want to get into the historic heart of Italy - Rome? From April 1 to May 31, 2019, purchase products of promotional Italian brands online at BROCARD stores, register on the site and participate in the raffle of trips to Italy.

To participate in the action "BROCARD invites to Italy", follow the rules:

  1. Buy products of promotional Italian brands with an additional discount of 10% to the discount card (except for goods with discounts and at special prices) *.
  2. Receive a + 10% card for the next purchase, which is valid only once in the period from 1.04.2019 to 30.06.2019 for the entire range in BROCARD stores *.
  3. Register on the promotion page and get a chance to win one of three trips for two to Rome or one of 10 sets from Italian brands.
  4. Find out the results of the draw on the company's website and on the social network pages 06/07/2019 to 15:00.

* In the absence of a discount card, a 10% discount is provided. The discount does not apply to Kiehl’s, MAAC products, discounted products and at a special price, for the purchase of gift cards and for purchases using them. Discounts on other shares are not cumulative. An example of calculating the price at a discount of 10% and the ratio of the size of the discount to the previous price for the sale of goods upon purchase without a discount card: perfumery water Gucci (Gucci) Bloom Netare Di Fiori female. 50 ml preliminary sales price of 3 570.00 UAH. with VAT, 10% discount is 357.00 UAH. with VAT, price with discount 10% - 3 213.00 UAH. VAT included. One check can be registered for participation in the promotion only once.

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