-40% on funds for shine and shine in ISEI! - news from SEC Gulliver

-40% on funds for shine and shine in ISEI!

Hair care and eco-friendly dishwashing detergents at the most attractive prices!

From 09.07.2020 in the ISEI chain of stores there are such advantageous offers:

1. A discount from -15% to -30% on the entire range of hair care products: fillers, sulfate-free shampoos, vitamin masks, professional salon conditioners, oils and keratin sprays. Start your journey to healthy and well-groomed hair with beauty-shopping at ISEI.

2. Eco-friendly home care with discounts from -15% to -40%. Choose safe dishwashing detergents that can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables.

* The promotion for selected hair products and dishwashing detergents is valid in all ISEI stores from 07/09/2020 to 07/15/2020 and on the website from 07/09/2020 to 07/15/2020 During the campaign, discounts from -15% to -40% on
selected assortment.

For details of the promotion and a detailed list of products participating in the promotion, check with the sellers-consultants of ISEI stores or check out the website.

Attention! Promotional offers in beauty markets and online stores may vary!

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