Here is to take the train, for example, Darjeeling, and roll off into the beautiful unknown. Where the gods dance, and brown-eyed girls wear gold in their honor and look as if they saw how the universe was born.

You can, of course, take the train or plane. Either take a chance and discover the beautiful unknown in itself. Indian girls point the way to divine energy through clothing and jewelry, and this makes sense: who of us did not notice how appearance affects the state from the inside? The SOVA brand decided to delve into their experience and created a jewelry collection inspired by the beauty and wisdom of the East.

In India, it is believed that the energy moves along the spine from the bottom up, and therefore local girls adorn the hair, face and neck most brightly. SOVA combines Eastern maximalism with European minimalism and offers thin necklaces of several strands or gold chains with pendants at different levels. You can wear them all together, following the example of oriental beauties: it will be bright, but harmonious. And most importantly, in India they believe that necklaces of different lengths activate energy simultaneously in different chakras and attract love.

Earrings in the East - not only about aesthetics, but also about the spiritual forces of women: it is precisely because there you can meet girls in very massive jewelry. SOVA jewelers out of the situation gracefully and without extremes, offering long chains with earrings, complemented by colored beads.

Without bracelets and rings in the East nowhere, because the hands - the place of intersection of all the energies in the body. It is not necessary to put on whole bundles of jewelry - you can limit yourself to neat, but noticeable from the new SOVA collection: again thin chains and colored stones - turquoise, coral, amethyst, onyx.

The entire collection is made of yellow gold, in India - a symbol of wealth and good luck. Natural stones - sacred blue and red colors, meaning purity, sensuality and strength. In the East, the tradition of wearing jewelry, many at once, there is more than 5 thousand years. But if one does not betray an exotic philosophy of great importance, it is nice to know that there is a story behind a necklace or a ring worn to a t-shirt or dress. The same inspirational as the idea to get on a train and go where it has never been before. For new universes.

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