Savannah - the story of the eternal search and eternal hunting. The wild beast overcomes vast distances, seeking to obtain water and food in dry climates. But reaching the goal is not always - these are the harsh laws of nature.

What about man? He also obeys them every time he makes a choice: to stand or move - no matter what lies ahead. Search and hunt, to prevent drought in thoughts, to experience the strength of character and beliefs. He is also a savanna resident, even if he fights against her harsh conditions from the inside.

Jewelry brand SOVA embodied the image of savanna in a new collection of jewelry - concise, but not as simple as the wild nature itself. The authors of the collection were inspired by animal prints and African landscapes: the patterns on the earrings, rings and pendants resemble either the color of zebras or the tangle of animal paths. Metal - of course, yellow gold, like the sun and white, like the brilliant sand of the desert.

The conciseness of the collection is bordered by categorical: only black and white, enamel and diamonds, a circle and a line. Savannah - real and metaphorical - does not know half measures. Like the heroine of the collection - the adventurer. SOVA presented it to a decisive adventurer, who goes on a journey not only for the sake of rest, to influence the world around her. She is not indifferent to the problems of ecology, conservation of wildlife. Compromise, she prefers the position, and her style meets the beliefs: there is nothing superfluous in it, but every detail is not accidental.

Shooting an advertising campaign brand also carried out uncompromisingly - going to the real desert and taking with him clothes from the collection of the brand Litkovskaya. Like-minded person, famous for his clear position and ability to brilliantly cope with the tasks of external and internal “savannas”.

The collection includes 18 items. Rings, necklace stud earrings and earrings with pendant, in white and yellow gold. The main inserts are fancy enamel and several models with diamonds.