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Art exhibition "12 Months" removes taboo on the theme of menstruation

Kiev - March 21, 2019 - Sanofi in Ukraine, a leading health care company, opened the first in Ukraine social art exhibition about menstruation "12 months" in Kiev.

Famous Ukrainian illustrators, among whom are Lilit Sargsyan, Marichka Ruban, Lera Schemka, Nadezhda Kushnir, visualized 12 ephehms with which girls mask their menstruation. Red Ferrari, pechalka, menstr and many more strange names and images "come to life" on visitors' smartphones thanks to augmented reality technology. This youth format is designed to free girls from obsolete cliches.

After all, the lack of readiness to call a spade a spade, to speak freely about menstruation leads to a feeling of shame for manifestations of femininity, especially among teenagers. According to a study conducted by U-Report in Ukraine in 2018, menstruation is a taboo and painful topic, in particular:

  • 10.5% of the girls surveyed said that they were teased or poisoned for menstruation, and 30% of the guys said they had witnessed similar attitudes towards girls during their periods.
  • 25% of girls are uncomfortable buying personal care products in the presence of unauthorized people.

Isabella Guzyak, general manager of OTC Sanofi in Ukraine, comments on the initiative: “Last year, Sanofi supported the“ How do you grow up ”project in Ukrainian schools, because we wanted to get closer to the new generation of Ukrainian women, to feel their needs. Doctors and psychologists helped us discuss the process of growing up with girls. We realized that today, unfortunately, not everyone can speak openly about menstruation. We want to bring the 12 Monthly Art Exhibition free to share experiences and eliminate menstrual pains in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life — this is quite natural. ”

Natalia Silina, gynecologist, doctor of medical sciences: “The transition to the status of“ woman ”is a period of emotional storms, when any phrase of peers, parents, teachers launches a cascade of unrest among girls. As a mom of a teenage girl and a pediatric gynecologist, I ask parents to invite specialists to schools: gynecologists, urologists, and psychologists to conduct lectures on the physiology of puberty. About menstruation should speak in simple language. It is necessary to refute myths and explain that menstruation is a criterion of a woman’s health, not “critical days”, and if it reduces the quality of life, then this is a reason to consult a specialist. Projects such as the 12-month-old art exhibition contribute to a healthy attitude towards physiology among adolescents of both sexes. ”

Lilit Sargsyan, illustrator and artist: “The main idea of ​​the project is to call things by their names and be free to accept themselves. As an artist, I ironically and visually rethought the topic of menstruation, tabooed even today. Artists capture the painful points of society in their art, and I hope that such projects move society forward. Art can solve the tasks that are not amenable to other areas of life. Just as a mother, I understand how important it is to tell daughters and sons about menstruation in time as a manifestation of women's health. This will help prevent psychological abuse, ridicule in school and adult life. ”

The art exhibition “12 Monthly”, initiated and conducted with the support of TM NO-SHPA® Comfort, will take place from March 21 to March 31, 2019 on the first floor of the Gulliver shopping center in Kiev.

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