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The role of the office in everyday life

In general, the role of the office is changing, as business models are changing. The dynamics of these changes and how they are reflected in the office.

Changes in the business environment eventually change the office space. Now office is no longer just a workplace, first of all it is a space for living. After all, many people spend at work about a third of their lives. And it’s not enough for them to have a desk, a chair and a computer there.

Accordingly, the business center no longer has the right to provide for rent just a room. A modern business center is already a much more complex concept. This is the atmosphere, this is the lifestyle, this is the activity inside. That is, besides the height, width and length, there is its filling. And it depends on the quality of the filling, the level of service provided by the management company of the BC, which companies will be its tenants, how long they will be delayed, whether they will feel comfortable and whether the employees of the tenant company will be happy. Yes, we are talking about the happiness of people, as criteria for the success of a business center.

Unfortunately, in Kiev, the supply of high-quality office premises is still quite limited; therefore, demand for decent premises continues to be observed. It is in such office spaces that employees should always feel comfortable.

Office and surroundings. What infrastructure surrounds the office in modern business.

Today, an office in a modern business center is a place to live. Gone is the paradigm that you came to work by 9:00, and at 17:45 you are already standing at the entrance to hold a card at 18 and get out. Work schedule can be 24/7. Companies arrange events where they can come as a family, invest in employees, support their personal projects. Today, it is important for business that people work and develop, have intrinsic motivation, thanks to the comfortable atmosphere in the office. Therefore, it is important that the workplace is truly a second home for a person. Today, time saving comes out on top. People at work want to live: to communicate, to rest, perhaps to sleep and to eat ... Many work issues are already being resolved in restaurants. And today it is necessary to calmly accept informal communication as a new reality. Afterwards, there are additional requirements not only for the office space, but also for the business center itself: spacious parking, bicycle parking, dry cleaning, post office, fitness room, beauty salons, children's area where you can leave your child, restaurants. And globally it applies to the whole building and everything around it. There are centers of attraction that change the business center as a whole.

But several years ago it was quite enough for companies to rent a good room in a prestigious location. Now the situation has undergone significant changes. Multifunctionality is one of the first places. The choice in favor of an expanded infrastructure, in our case this multifunctionality, allows Gulliver to be positioned in a special way.

Internal office organization.

Summing up, I would like to note once again: when choosing an office, start from efficiency - this is not only the final cost of rent, but a combination of many qualities, such as convenient planning, location, parking, infrastructure, engineering, access, neighborhood. And most importantly, you need to change the attitude to renting an office, it should not be considered only as another line in expenses. Renting a high-quality office is your asset that directly affects the selection of high-quality staff, the effectiveness and success of the company as a whole.

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