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The company Maestrami was created by Francesco Maestra in 1947 in the northern Italian town of Bologna. For 70 years, the brand combines an original style and excellent taste. In addition, when tailoring clothes, Italian traditions are observed and the newest technologies are used.

Collections of the trade mark are represented by three lines:

1. Maestrami - classic suits and jackets for lovers of elegant tailoring.

2. Maestrami Cerimonia - for solemn events. Classic dark tuxedo, dress-coat, trousers, elongated jacket from the back to the knees.

3. Maestrami Evolution is a simple, elegant style for daily wearing.

History and traditions, handwork and details, cut and style, modernity and innovation are all about Maestrami. Every "Made in Italy" tag says not only about origin, but also about achieving the highest requirements in production and sewing.

Always one step ahead of modern trends, while maintaining the elegance inherent only in Italian brands. Suits, jackets, shirts, polo - range contains everything you need for a modern gentleman.

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