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Phone: (044) 364 84 63
(067) 400 70 83
Floor 6

Майстер-класи в серпні 2017р.

Don’t know where to go with a child?
To the children entertainment center “GULLIVERiYA” of course!

Here you will find:
1. A huge children’s playground LABYRINTH, with pneumatic guns and trampolines.
2. The most incredible video arcade machines for children, such as modern video simulators that let you feel like a superhero or an unstoppable racer, test your agility and attention.
3. Redemption gaming machines, where you can collect bonuses and later trade them for toys in the prize-store located in the entertainment center.

Joint activities with your children will give you hours of true pleasure! Stop being an adult! Dive into childhood! And after all the contests and wins, you can relax in the café located next to the gaming area, restore your strength and taste the dishes from a specially created children menu.

“GULLIVERiYA” entertainment center is the best place to celebrate your kid’s birthday! Professional holiday hosts dressed as famous fictional characters will entertain birthday boys and girls, and lots of additional activities and master classes will make the party truly special.

Children holiday program can include:
– Entertainment in the children play center,
– Bowling,
– Celebratory kids menu,
– Master classes,
– Funny games and contests with holiday hosts,
– Play on the LABYRINTH playground.
Every child is unique, that’s why we plan and organize every kid’s party considering the wishes and interests of the little birthday boy or girl.

To play at the rides and arcade machines in the “GULLIVERiYA” children entertainment center, you need to buy a branded card at the ticket office of the gaming area, card’s price is 13 UAH.
The cost of playing the machines is from 6 to 16 UAH.
A 45-minute game in the labyrinth is 55 UAH.

Our main task is not only to create an excellent mood and entertaining activities for the whole family, but also to ensure absolute safety for you and your children. That’s why we only use high-tech and safe machines and rides from reliable suppliers that work with world-famous amusement parks. And of course, we regularly inspect the equipment and instruct the staff, and our vigilant guards protect the peace of the visitors.

GULLIVERiYA is a modern entertainment center for adults and children in the heart of the capital! We work for you every day without breaks and weekends all year round.

Phone numbers:
+38 (044) 364 84 63
+38 (067) 400 70 83

Working hours: from 10:00 till 22:00 without breaks and weekends.



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                                    Майстер-класи в серпні 2017р.  

Don’t know where to go with a child?
To the children entertainment center  “GULLIVERiYA”  of</span></div>
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